Why is a preventative maintenance plan such a good idea for your commercial building?

When you run a business or own a building, there are thousands of maintenance issues to worry about. Not only must your facility run with efficiency, it must provide a safe and clean environment for your employees or tenants.

As is the case with any property, the roof of a commercial building is an integral and important part of its structure. If the roof presents any vulnerabilities, leaks or breaches – it could cause a host of issues. Because your building is likely a commercial asset of the business, taking care of it is of critical importance. The best way to guarantee that your commercial roof is in its best possible condition is to contract for a maintenance agreement with a licensed and insured Florida roofing contractor.

roof maintenance contract

Benefits of a Commercial Roof Maintenance Agreement

A commercial maintenance agreement can be set up for annual, bi-annual or quarterly inspections. During these inspections, a professional roofer will carefully assess the condition of the roofing materials and the other items which may affect the health of your roof.

Protect Your Investment: Your business facility not only houses critical personnel, but it likely contains various types of equipment, vehicles, supplies and documents which are necessary for your operation – not to mention, all of your IT and communications equipment. With so much capital investment residing under the roof, you can’t afford a roof leak or water intrusion.

Ensure Storm Readiness: Minor defects, cracks, or areas of erosion may not be an issue during your daily routine. However, the Venice area is known for its summer storms, including tropical storms and hurricanes. Minor problems can quickly become major issues if hurricane strength winds batter the roof.

Clear any Debris Off the Roof: Throughout the year, tree limbs, garbage, and other debris may accumulate and tend to blow into piles at one section of the roof. These can cause roofing material damage, give mold or algae a chance to propagate, or even fly off during the course of a subsequent storm. Cleaning the roof of all debris – as well as trimming back any tree branches which may contribute to more – is an important aspect of roof maintenance.

Look for Ponding (low spots): Many commercial roof structures are flat, and therefore may be predisposed to ponding water. Although the roofs are designed with slight slopes to avoid this issue, if the water begins to accumulate it can cause several problems. These include water beginning to seep into the structure, and additional weight laying on the roof. Most ponding on Florida flat roofs will evaporate quickly, so if it begins to collect in areas of shade, for instance, it will be necessary to find a solution.

Check for Sagging: The ponding issue is usually caused by the roof sagging just enough to cause a “crater” in the roof. This may be caused by improper roof installation, or insufficient insulation under that section of roof. Your roofing contractor will be able to determine if your roof surface needs to be modified to eliminate the problem.

Make Sure Equipment is Not Causing Deterioration: Many commercial roofs, being flat, support industrial strength HVAC systems, fans, or other heavy equipment which reside on the roof. This equipment may leak oil, or cause damage due to its weight. A commercial roof inspection will make sure that these pieces of hardware will not affect the roof’s integrity.

Guaranteed Support: After a storm we are flooded with calls. Lots of emergency calls at “any price” usually come our way but we give priority to our maintenance and warranty customers first, next to our past clients who may be out of warranty and then we support new service calls.

When you are ready to sign up for a maintenance contract for the roof of your business facility, give the experts at MasterCraft Roofing a call. Not only will we keep your roof in its best condition, but can help with repairs, roof coating which will make your roof more efficient or a new roof.

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